Foggy Sunrise with the Geese at Whitesbog


Sunrise with the Geese at Whitesbog by Beth Sawickie

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For the first time in months I made it out for a sunrise!

It was a beautiful morning at Whitesbog, NJ.  Fog was rising up from the bogs and reservoirs, birds chirping everywhere, the air was crisp and clean.

Doug and I did some shooting together and then we each took off in separate directions.  I got to walk around the old bogs with no other humans around.  Just me, the birds and all the other critters I wasn’t attuned to seeing.

This one goose started the alarm way before I even saw him.  I tried to get into my best “I’m one with nature” vibe…still need to practice that more!

By the time I got nearby the geese in the picture everyone had calmed down a bit.

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