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Being Grateful for Starting Anew

This is about a journey that sometimes returns to the same place.  I may follow a different trail here or there, but I usually end up re-visiting some of the same spots.  I’ve realized that I really enjoy visiting most of those spots and feel incomplete when I don’t get to visit them and share them […]

Color Explosion Sunset

It was a cold November day, just a bit before Thanksgiving. The colorful leaf display of fall had come and gone. Did I mention it was COLD ? Bone-chillin’ cold. Bearing the low temps was worth it to get to see this awesome sunset! I almost missed it though!  I had peaked out the window […]

I Am Thankful – truly I am.

I live in a somewhat small town and we’re not all that close to anything.  We have a grocery store, some other shops, fast food, gas station.  The usual stuff. What we didn’t have (up until 1 year ago) was a Yoga Studio !!! I never expected one to show up.  Granted, I did wish […]